Swimming Lessons

Grafton Parks and Recreation Swim Lessons Leistikow Park outdoor pool Grafton North Dakota

Participants learn how to swim with Lifeguards and Water Safety Instructor at the Leistikow Park Outdoor Pool.

Level 1

Ages 3 & up. Getting kids used to the water, basic bobbing, floating and kicking all with assistance.

Level 2

Learn to independently do different floats, submerge underwater and get objects in shallow water.

Level 3

This group starts learning different types of strokes and kicks. They are more independent swimmers, but still need to be directed. Can do different types of floats independently for longer periods of time.

Level 4 & 5

These groups are more advanced and have established the basic skills, strokes, and floats. They will be working on advanced techniques, such as treading water, getting objects from the deep end, and advanced strokes.