Figure Skating

Figure Skating Youth Skating Centennial Center Grafton Parks and Recreation Grafton North Dakota

Snow Plow Sam

Ages 4 years old through Pre-school in the current year. This is for children who are just trying to figure out how to stay up on their skates. They will learn how to move in small movements. They will learn the basics of skating, stopping and staying up.

Basic Skills

For kids in Kindergarten (current year) and up. They can stand up, and get to different areas independently. This group will understand the fundamentals of skating, stopping and how they need to move to get from one place to the next.

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Border Blades Basic Skills Bridge

The Basic Skills Bridge Program is a way for skaters, Basic Skills 2 or above, to try out skating on a more individual basis. Skaters in the Bridge Program purchase private advanced ice time for Saturday mornings only. During this time they can practice their skating skills and set up a private lesson with a certified United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA) coach (any private advanced coach). They will also be able to compete in different events at Basic Skills Competitions which are held in various cities in the region. These competitions offer events through levels beyond Basic 8.  Register for Grafton Parks & Recreation's Basic Skills for additional instruction time.

Border Blades Private Advanced

 Private Advanced (PA) is for figure skaters who are working towards taking tests through the United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA). They are also able to compete in different events at Figure Skating Competitions which are held at various cities in the region. 

Border Blades FAQ

Basic Skills Bridge FAQ (pdf)


Private Advanced FAQ (pdf)